Dr Daniel Waterfield

Cambridge, United Kingdom ยท Daniel[DOT]Waterfield[AT]Gmail[DOT]com

Full-Stack Dev, polyglot, PhD in 18th Century History.


Digital Developer

3C Shared Services

Refactored the service layer along SOLID principles pairing with a senior developer. Reduced expensive API calls, reduced downtime, untangled spaghetti code. Rewrote documentation and mentored non-native English speakers in technical writing.

Fixed bugs, implemented features and improved WCAG accessibility across the dotnet stack: Umbraco CMS with razor MVC frontend, c# middleware via azure functions, and asset management APIs. Used postman to test integration between SQLwith 3rd party APIs.

Proposed, tested, and wrote up suggestions for new technology such as Gatsby to reduce page-load times. Worked as part of a team to propose and begin to implement systematic testing.

Shared knowledge with team members from my wide reading, including Database Internals and Designing Data-Intensive Applications. Expanded existing sparse documentation to reduce lost knowledge during offboarding. Successfully proposed moving to Obsidian knowledgebase to streamline knowledge-sharing.

Participated in daily stand ups, retrospectives, sprint planning, code review, and refinement as part of an agile, full-stack team.

October 2020 - Present

Graduate Supervisor

Queens' College, Cambridge

Taught and lectured political and historical theory to undergraduate historians while writing my PhD dissertation.

Prepared reading lists, set and marked essays, and mentored an undergraduate history student.

October 2017 - July 2019

Marketing and Social Media Assistant

Orange House, Varna

Carried out market research, led social media campaigns across, and staffed the reception desk in English and Bulgarian for a small English-language school in Bulgaria.

April 2015 - September 2015


University of Cambridge

Fully funded PhD on eighteenth-century history. Won visiting fellowships to Harvard and McGill, and conducted research in archives and libraries in London, Paris, and the Vatican.
October 2015 - July 2019

University of Liverpool

BA (hons) English, MA Eighteenth-Century History

1st Class / Distinction

September 2010 - November 2014


Programming Languages & Tools

I mostly work across the dotNet stack, with a typical workflow of: dotnet, C#, CosmosDB, Razor MVC, Azure Functions, and Data Warehouse. I also typically use the following: JS, HTML, CSS, SQL, Postman, Git, and Azure DevOps.
In my spare time, I'm learning Rust, keeping up my Python, and playing with Svelte, React, and Node.

Other Skills

Research, Writing, and Communication.
I'm not just an excellent programmer (in the making), I'm a great communicator. I've written for the Guardian, Prospect, and the Independent, been published in academic journals, have spoken at conferences, and mentored undergraduates through the Cambridge system.
As you might expect from my years doing a PhD and then teaching myself software development, I'm self-motivated and intensely curious, whether that's about distributed systems or early modern history. Of course, reading is no good without a way to store, collate, and retrieve that data. As such, I've been really getting into Obsidian, and have already found it useful for sharing knowledge with my team.


Learning languages! I speak to varying degrees, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Norwegian, (medieval) Latin, and Hebrew. I'd say I'm competant in French, Italian, and German, and conversational in most of the rest with the exception of Latin, JP, and Hebrew.

I also like reading (history, philosophy, and theology), baking sourdough bread, playing the fiddle, and very long distance walking.


  • Codex Felis: Library-As-A-Service for the Digital Humanities.
  • VoterBot: Tweet profiles from the British Electoral Survey. Written in Python + JS.
  • Lost Pixels: Goodreads for Video Games, React + AWS backend.